dena disarro, Executive Director


Being an avid supporter of community outreach and the results it can garner, Dena was thrilled at the opportunity to join One San Diego as Executive Director.

Previously, Dena spent 15 years applying her marketing and communications skills in various businesses from established international brands at Nestlé Food Company to new brands launching in Switzerland and San Diego. Within all of these positions Dena developed and managed strategic partnerships, managed annual budgets in excess of $7MM, and served as a main point of contact for all internal and external media communications.

Throughout Dena’s career she has been able to maintain her personal passion for involvement in nonprofit programs that specifically support her community. Dena led fundraising when she served on the board of the annual San Diego “Dinner with Friends” event, which operates with no budget and has raised over $70,000 for the Ronald McDonald House.  Her role as PTA President had her working closely with school leaders and she currently serves as a fundraising strategist of an educational nonprofit. While working with “The Do Good Project” Dena handled all press and community participation in association with the band Foster the People.  Dena’s marketing and executive experience served well in this arena as each project involved the development of a strategic plan, financial management, and coalition building. 

Her academic background includes a BA in Communication at North Carolina State University.  An avid fitness enthusiast, she holds her personal trainer certification from NASM.